Prepare Your Hardwood Floor Installation

No matter if you install the floor for your customer or yourself find out, it is important to level the flooring correctly. To ensure that the hardwood floor will be used for many years, it’s important to make sure it is leveled correctly. You should also prepare a floor subfloor.A subfloor is the starting point for any type of flooring installation (especially hardwood). By carefully examining the subfloor you will be able to determine which leveling technique you should use and how much material you need.

Because hardwood floor installation costs a lot, it is important that customers plan ahead. Not only are they interested in material costs, but also installation. Customers do not enjoy the “surprise”, that leveling costs money. Installing the system is a crucial stage, but homeowners can save by adding additional expenditures.To prepare the subfloor you will need to convince the client to remove their old flooring. This could be anything from carpet to vinyl, cork or old hardwood. Convince the customer that the flooring must be removed from all areas where the new hardwood will be installed. You can only do this if you want to quickly fix any subfloor problems.

Some customers will tell you to not remove the existing hardwood flooring, but rather place it on top. For this type of setup to be approved, you will need to determine the height and level of your floor and its impact on the closing and opening of doors as well as the interaction with tiles and other flooring types.You can refinish old hardwood and let the client know. A customer can save money by upgrading his house in this way. Never forget that the floor installers who are honest always make more.

Return to the main and first part of installation, leveling. It is important to level your house. It doesn’t matter if you have done it before because the house moves and shrinks constantly. A previous leveling might have been performed incorrectly.Don’t rush to fill a big hole with the leveling compound. Use a primer to pour small amounts of adjustment compound. After the primer has dried, you can continue to pour in more or install hardwood.

You will have layers of flooring that look like McDonald’s cheeseburgers if you don’t use primer. You can also flood the entire deep pit at once with floor leveling material. This will cause the compound to crumble and fall under the hardwood.The conditions, materials and leveling methods for each type of underfloor are different. You will be able to make all your installation not only more beautiful, but better in quality and reliability.