How to increase sales and productivity: Fundamentals and Action

Recent survey of dozens sales managers on the tools and strategies they employ to make their teams productive and more successful. In analyzing these feedbacks from expert sales managers, I discovered that the secret to high sales productivity was ACTION. Come and visit our website search it on Privyr you can learn more.

Ernest Hemingway stated, “Never confuse movement with action.” Sales is a great example! You can move but still not get anywhere. Action is moving productively forward.

Planning, preparation, researching, revising value propositions and making effective presentations all play a role. These activities will be insignificant if you don’t take action to engage clients or prospects.

Most successful salespeople take the initiative and do things that other people will not.

Sales professionals who we train to enhance their sales skills are intellectually in agreement with all the techniques, behaviors and steps we describe and demonstrate. It is the ability of the successful individuals to immediately apply these tools, techniques and ideas in a sales call that makes a difference. Then they sell. Others make excuses as to why they can’t be used, or get busy with work. Then are shocked when no sales happen.

A focus on the basics is also important for success in sales.

Michael Jordan said that the fundamentals will never change. The fundamentals won’t change.”

It is the same in professional careers. If we are to boost our sales productivity we have to pay close attention to communication basics, preparation, and follow-up. This is timeless and universal.

You want your sales to be more successful and increase? This is not really a secret. Move beyond simple motion. Be consistent in your actions and keep the basics at heart.

You can set yourself for success by taking action or implementing fundamental selling techniques today. Comment below. Do it now!

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